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Frequently Asked Questions

Can i get approved with bad credit?

Absolutely! Mend Auto Loans has helped thousands of people who have been challenged with bad credit get approved easily. We not only work with banks but, we have strong relationships with various financial institutions - so we can help you find you the best rates that suit your lifestyle. We've got options for you and our finance specialists will work hard to help you get approved for the vehicle you need

Can i apply with a bankruptcy on my record?

Yes, If you've declared bankruptcy, you may be thinking that you have no lending options available to you. Don't panic, our finance specialists are here to help you find lending options that you can afford, so you can get the vehicle you need. With our outstanding relationships with many major lenders, we can help you get approved even if you've declared Bankruptcy.

Do i have to have a large down payment?

No, you're not required to have a large down payment. The larger you put down, the lower your monthly payments will be. If you put little down, you can expect a higher monthly payment.

Can i get a loan for a new car?

At mend we not only offer loans for pre owned cars, but you are able to apply for a new car loan even if you've been challenged with bad credit, and turned away from the dealership.

How long does it take to get approved?

You can expect to be approved between 24 to 48 hours.

what's the difference between mend and a bank loan?

The main difference between Mend auto Loans and a bank is that we are able to approve a loan if your credit score is 600 or below. If you have a credit score of 620 or under you typically won't be able to get approved by a bank.

How will getting approved for a loan with mend improve my credit?

Getting approved with Mend auto loans can help re build your credit by starting a positive credit history, ensuring your payments are made each month.

Do i need a co-signer?

You don't need a co-signer to get approved, but depending on your credit situation it may be recommended to help get an approval.

What income do I need to get approved?

The minimum income required to be approved by any lender is $2200 monthly before taxes. The income can be combined were main income needs to be $1500 before taxes and second income $700 or more.

Can I be approved with ODSP income?

Your income from ODSP needs to be $2200 monthly in order to get an approval from the bank.