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Why Mend

Mend Auto Loans is an established company with many years of experience
- we don't only help you get car loans we help to repair your credit. Our motto is simple, one on one transparent no pressure service.

Our goal is to have you drive away happy. Our team of financial specialists know how to read your application and financial information to determine the best avenues to get you approved, always working hard to get you the most economical interest rate.

We work with over 15 financial institutions and loan centers and will advise you one on one, on the steps it will take to repair your credit and get you on the right path. We have thousands of clients who have been approved and our reviews speak for themselves.

Benefits of Mend Auto Loans:

  • Prime & Subprime Auto Financing
  • Low Interest Rate Auto Financing
  • We Can Help You Rebuild Your Credit
  • High Client Satisfaction
  • Largest Inventory Across Ontario - we are part of Zanchin Automotive Group!
  • Walk Away Insurance Included
  • Delivery Across Ontario

We understand that life throws you curve balls, and sometimes brings on circumstance that affect your credit, making it difficult to get approved for a car loan. At Mend we are here to listen and help you get approved despite having good or bad credit. If you have any questions or would like to start your approval process, feel free to fill out the contact sheet below!